Legislative Agenda

Water is a vitally important issue to our community and our state. Alliance Water (formerly the Hays Caldwell Public Utility Agency) has joined with partners at the Texas Legislature to craft bills that will make a positive and lasting difference for Texans everywhere. 

Photo by BDphoto/iStock / Getty Images


In the 85th Texas Legislative Session, the HCPUA intends to advocate for the passage of a bill to convert the Agency from the HCPUA to Alliance Regional Water Authority (Alliance Water). The Agency will also support revisions to the Groundwater Management Area (GMA) process and revisions to the Groundwater Conservation District Permitting Process. 



In the 84th Texas Legislative Session, the HCPUA advocated for more stability and predictability in groundwater regulation; funding to further understand the effects of pumping on aquifers; and, clarification on contracting and purchasing authorities of public utility agencies. 



In the 83rd Texas Legislative Session, the HCPUA advocated for the support of HB 1796 and HB 2739 to make long-term financing of public sector water infrastructure projects more feasible.