Frequently asked questions

1. Who are the Alliance Water participants? 

  • Alliance Water is sponsored by the cities of Buda, Kyle, and San Marcos and the Canyon Regional Water Authority

  • Alliance Water also has an agreement in place with the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority to share in water treatment and treated water pipelines to deliver water to the cities of Lockhart and New Braunfels along with the Goforth Special Utility District

  • There are no other entities, public or private, involved in the project

2. What are Alliance Water’s objectives? 

  • Share resources and technology to extend current supplies of partners

  • Manage future need by supplementing the current supplies of Alliance Water Participants with groundwater from the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer

  • Develop a cost-efficient project for drinking water treatment and delivery to all members

  • Actively participate with groundwater conservation districts to manage the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer

  • To be open and transparent with our partners as well as the general public and to be a good member of the communities that we serve

3. What is a Regional Water Authority? 

  • A political subdivision of the State of Texas created by the Texas Legislature.  Alliance Water was created through the passage of Senate Bill 1198 in the 85th Texas Legislature

  • May develop water supply, transport water, and/or develop wastewater treatment facilities

  • Allows multiple entities to work together to improve the economies of scale on water (or wastewater) projects that would otherwise be cost prohibitive

  • Subject to Open Meetings Act and Public Information Act

4. Why did the name change from the Hays Caldwell Public Utility Agency (HCPUA) to the Alliance Regional Water Authority (Alliance Water)?

  • The change allowed Alliance Water to be guided by its own specific legislation instead of general legislation that applies to all public utility agencies

  • Some key changes from the legislation that made the name change:

    • Requires Alliance Water to act only as a wholesaler

    • Allows for sales of water to entities that are not Sponsors of Alliance Water

    • Specifies the eminent domain powers of Alliance Water

  • The following items remained the same from the HCPUA to Alliance Water:

    • Sponsors (Buda, Kyle San Marcos & Canyon Regional Water Authority)

    • Territory remains the same

    • Board governance remains apportioned among the Sponsors

5. Who is making money on this project?

  • Land owners over the aquifer who have leased water rights to the project are compensated for the leases annually.

  • The program is not constructed to make financial profit, as a governmental entity it is setup to cover all costs for the project and to provide for a modest financial reserve for emergency repairs or other unforeseen events

6. Is Alliance Water affiliated with any other pipeline projects?

  • Alliance Water and GBRA are working together on their respective water pipeline projects where possible to reduce cost to the respective water customers

  • Alliance Water is not a participant with any other pipeline projects that are currently underway in the region

7. Why the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer?

  • Availability of sustainable quantities exist in the aquifer

  • Reliable - not subject to major fluctuations or drought

  • Proximity - closest source in sufficient quantity

  • Good water quality - extensive treatment is not required

  • Mutual benefit - water sales will benefit local land owners over Carrizo without impact local water supplies, wildlife or recreation

8. How are the impacts to the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer managed?

  • Alliance Water has mitigation agreements in place with the two groundwater conservation districts where its water is permitted.

  • Permit volumes are determined by the groundwater districts based on need and request from the project.

  • Locally elected/appointed officials oversee these groundwater districts and provide oversight on the entire permitting process

  • The permits are formulated to ensure volumes used do not exceed the desired future conditions of the aquifer.


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